Monday, 27 June 2011

Sun & Rain

Jeepers it was cold this morning! But gorgeous...that is of course until it rained again! Which I don't mind at all really, especially when the house is warm and cosy and the kids are happy! And they are happy, though a bit sick at the moment :(

I never fail to be amazed by my children and their ability to keep going even when very unwell. Sure they get a tiny bit "sensitive" but overall remain happy and completely unfazed during a sick spell - mind over matter? Or is it just that they haven't learned yet that this is the one time things can be all about them? Long may it last whichever the case!

Today's Highlights:
- Liezel cooing, smiling and chatting with me instead of eating...She really needs to eat, but it's impossible not to forget about the food and joining in on the conversation. Love.

Sleep tight

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  1. Your girls are just so very VERY gorgeous!! I love your 'highlight'. I agree--friggin FREEZING!!


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