Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Yay!  I'm done!

Today's Highlight:
- I've completed my first project!  The wipeable play/mess mat is now complete! It was a bit of a mission working with that freeking plastic though and my ideas of making a couple more as gifts have definitely faded somewhat...  Who knows though... I'm the kind of crazy ocd driven sucker who generally cant help but go back for more!  I'm sure some dark corner of my brain has the sole purpose of continually convincing me that I can do better and that I must conquer any troubles I've faced on previous occasions...  I think the short of it is - we'll see what happens!

Bring on the next one!
I have a few ideas written down so will decide on one in the next day or two and get cracking.  Watch this space. :)

Sleep tight

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