Saturday, 25 June 2011


Ok... so I haven't had the time to write down my mission statement for this Blog today...I will do tomorrow!

Today's Highlights:
- Has to be Heidi again... Heaven help me she is so so cute!  And it seemed every second person we encountered on our "shopping trip with Mummy" today thought and said so too!

- Went to Spotlight and got some initial supplies for some projects I am going to start soon which all form part of  the reason for this blog and will be outlined in my Mission Statement!  Things have been put into motion!

Right, time to go bath and feed the household before an evening of board-gaming with my B&SIL...  I LOVE Boardgames... but I'll save the details on the big wide world of board-gaming for another night!

Have a great Saturday night!
Sleep tight

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