Friday, 24 June 2011

It's Friday, Friday

Today's Highlights:
- On our way back to the car from dropping Anya off at kindy in the rain, Heidi stops in her tracks and turns her face up to the sky - the sheer delight as she enjoyed the feeling of the drops on her face was priceless (even if we were all getting wetter!) .

- Hubby's reaction on finding and then devouring the French Onion Soup (thanks Julia Child!) that I'd cooked for him today.  He has been drooling over the recipe and wanting to make it for months - and there it was and apparently it tasted good too!

I aim to be back tomorrow with my mission statement for this Blog - my mind is still quietly working out a few kinks but soon I will have a resolution!

Sleep tight

Loving my girls and loving Paisley Jade's "Things I'm Loving"  (Thanks Dee : ) )

Heidi -2, Liezel - 2 months, Anya -3


  1. Adorable pic!!! & I LOVE that Heidi stopped to savour the rain!! You could link this in to 'things I'm loving' on Paisley Jade's blog? :) x

  2. Love the idea of your wee one enjoying the rain! Priceless. Such a great list - thanks for linking up!!


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