Wednesday, 29 June 2011


No that does not sound like a "happy" and "all is well with the world" type of title... However, it is one that actually represents optimism!

Yesterday Anya decided to dig her toes in on breakfast...She doesn't particularly like Wheetbix but we are pretty firm on "you eat what you are given, unless we've actually given you a choice"...  And the girls have been having WB forever so really it wasn't like she was being forced to eat anything new and unusual.  Our other rule is "you don't get up from the table until you've finished your meal"...

I'm sure you can see where we're going with this...

So my angelic Anya decided yesterday she was not going to eat her WB.  She had the raisins on top (we were out of bananas and one really does need to spruce it up and heated milk so it goes nice and soft and porridge-like...seriously... short of putting sugar on top you aint going to get better tasting WB), and then stirred and slopped it around.  For 6 Hours...

Mummy was not going to give in either so there she sat.  Ignored for most part, given warnings the odd time before then licking the spoon, trying to dictate Heidi's playing from her perch and eventually, eventually we got the food down the hatch (reheated several times cause that must have been freeking awful after a while) and could get down from the dining table...  Thank heaven having children has made me considerably more patient than I used to be...

This leads us then to - Today's Highlight:
- Anya only took 2 Hours to finish her Wheetbix this morning!

I am hopeful that tomorrow we can reduce this to her usual time of 10 minutes or so... otherwise anything short of 120 minutes will be a bonus...

Sometimes it's quite hard having these little skirmishes with my kids... It seems ridiculous that I have to have a battle of wills with my 3.5 year old over breakfast.  On one hand I am determined to try to raise her to have good manners and be well adjusted for the big wide world and have an idea of how to behave appropriately.  On the other hand I try to give her as much freedom as I can to LIVE and explore and learn things by herself.  When I don't ask for much at all, it's not much to expect surely. It's about balance right?

Anyhoo - I've decided on my next project and I'm waiting on my book for July.  I have a whole bookshelf full of unread books but with my new goal I will eventually get to them all!  Details tomorrow!

Sleep tight

PS:  After seeing Becs' bird mobile it reminded me of this.  Totally. Awesome. Enjoy : )

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