Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Twenty Seven/52

A: My precious innocent angel. On Saturday afternoon we were invited to one of the neighbourhood kids' "backyard fair". It was so delightful with fun games, a never ending supply of circulating pennies to offer as payment and lollies... or should I say sweets :) You loved the tombola and eating donuts off a string without using your hands especially. And you were so keen on sharing your winnings with your sisters and helping them in their games.

H: We had a deliciously warm heatwave last week which meant frozen ice treats on our walks home - much to everyone's delight. You were a little sad that Football is over for the term/year but have your eyes firmly set on more sessions next term at the beginning of the new school year. We were terribly impressed with how well you were able to aim and throw with success at the fair. A good eye! Mostly you loved playing with the other kids up in the "treehouse" and making friends.

L: You had your first school visit this week and after a wee "moment" and declaring how much you love your kindy teacher with passion..., you loved the visit and didn't want to leave! Naturally you were super familiar with the environment and a few of the teachers at school already - the benefit of having older siblings there. You loved hooking the ducks at the "fair" and gained skill at doing so very fast given there were sweets as prizes! Such great fun you all had :)

L xx


  1. Too cute! I like the 'framed' photographs. Oh I forgot you are having a heat wave, the opposite to here, we have a polar blast coming through, I'm sure they will be making snowmen in the south!

  2. Aw, looks amazing. Your girls have grown! Miss you my friend xox

  3. That looks so much fun - love how they all picked such different 'get-ups'! Glad to hear you've been enjoying that warm weather too xx


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