Tuesday, 7 July 2015

On the Road: Legoland

Everything is Awesome!  And it is true!

Late in June we arranged a weekend away to coincide with a friend visiting from NZ. It happened to be H's birthday weekend and we happened to decided that Legoland was in order for a fun family day.

We didn't tell the girls. We left on a Friday evening after school, had a wonderful dinner with different old NZ friends and got up on the Saturday morning giddy with the excitement of the surprise day ahead. On our way there the girls saw one or two signs and started speculating... could this be the surprise?? Cue disbelief and huge joy when we arrived there. Awesome.

The rides were fun, the Lego creations were amazing, the shows had the girls fully engaged and we were all thrilled to bits.  We didn't even get around the whole park!  We were there for over 7 hours and utterly deliriously happy and exhausted when we left. Coincidentally we had managed to save the wet rides for the end of the day and did a couple more than once... or twice! We were stupidly joyfully drenched. It was a super day. Just fantastic. Just... Awesome!!

L xx

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  1. What an awesome looking place! Perfect for Lego loving kids.......and you guys too! I wonder if the Lego deteriorates over time being out in all weather?


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