Sunday, 12 July 2015

Hitting the Street

Last year we spent a couple of weeks baking, sewing and then delivering bags of biscuits to all the people in our street. We loved everything about it - but mostly all the people we met and new connections we made.

So given that we are all shiny and new here, I had it on my radar to do a cookie drop to our street. During June we spent a couple of days baking up a storm, sewing little bags and making little notes to deliver to all our neighbours...

We live in a small cul-de-sac and had 20 houses to visit. Some of our neighbours we chat to daily and have been super, so it was nice to give them a bag of bikkies to say thanks for their help and for being so welcoming. Some weren't home of course, but returned to a bag of treats.

We loved having a few conversations with others. As it turned out, we were not the new kids on the block anymore as some people were even more recent additions to the street than we were! So it doubled as a hello and a welcome!

Since then we have had cups of tea, playdates, been to a backyard fair, had lots of cards, been given flowers, brownie, biscuits, home-made strawberry jam and elderflower cordial(!) and also had a french lesson! And of course lots of hello's, how are you's and conversations. Every single house on our cul-de-sac has responded - so nice!

I really recommend doing something like this if you are new to your hood. It was a joy last year and it has been so valuable and uplifting this time around too. It has helped immensely in becoming part of the wee street community, building connections and establishing relations. All things that help you settle.

Do it - even if you are not new! It's a lovely way to meet people :)
L xx


  1. You and your family seem so charming and nice. I wish you lived in my neighborhood!

  2. I loved this idea when you did it here in NZ.........fabulous idea! Not just for you, so you can meet new people but for your girls.............good for the way I wish I was your neighbour because that baking is making my mouth water!

  3. Such a lovely and welcoming idea. You are really the nicest neighbour xox

  4. What a lovely idea and so nice to meet your street mates.

  5. Thought this was such a lovely idea. Might just have to use it too!

  6. yes, love, love this, must do it here!


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