Monday, 20 July 2015

Twenty Nine/52

L: This week my baby girl graduated from Kindy. It was such a lovely send-off to all the kids who were leaving to start school in September. Complete with caps, certificates and gifts! Although you've not had a very long time here, you had loved every minute of being there and adored your teacher. So special. Every day this week you also found yourself a snail buddy and had it "slug" all over your hands and arms... much to the amusement of teachers, parents and other kids. You and H were invited along to a birthday party for one of A's friends and had a ball playing, having your faces painted and henna tattoos drawn on.

A: I still look at you and marvel at just how big you are getting. But you are still so young and love playing and being a silly goose. You were delighted that we were finally going to be "in-town" for a birthday party you were invited to, as we've had to miss a couple previously! You had such a great time tearing around with your friends and having a ball. Makes my heart so happy to see you loving life and enjoying your lovely friends.

H: It is unlikely I will ever stop being fascinated by how different you all are from each other. This week you have brought a smile to my face many times with your realisation of words that sound or look the same but have different meanings. Some of the ones you've uncovered: saw (with your eyes) and saw (to cut a piece of wood), or know (to understand or have knowledge of something) and no (which sounds the same but means not/don't/negative/exclusion). Love the way your little brain works.

It's been a full week with lots of happiness.
L xx


  1. Gosh hasn't finishing kindy changed - it was always a birthday crown now it's a graduation hat. Love that face painting too:)

  2. LOVE the face AND arm painting!

  3. Friendships are so important to see them through the changes.....
    My big girl just had her first henna drawings.....they are really fun as do your girls look like they loved it too. Xxxx


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