Sunday, 26 July 2015


School holidays started and we were all happy to have some more time together. It seemed a good idea to incorporate a little bit of writing or reading or maths into our days to keep those little brains practicing these skills. And you were all more than happy to get stuck in! Even L could not be left out. So A got to keep building on skills, H built on and learned a few new ones and L was being tutored absolutely beautifully by big sis. Not to mention the concentration and determination on all your faces! The best part for me during these sessions was how encouraging you were of each other. Celebrating successes and encouraging each other when things seemed a bit "hard".

We visited the Library a couple of times during the week and you all joined the Record Breakers Reading Challenge. One week down and you're all well over the quota of "one book and one review" a week! We've also written a few letters and enjoyed our walks to the post office and about.

A finally got to make the "lollipop stew" she has been talking about for months. And H, Chocolate soup. You both wrote down your ingredient lists and method. There was a bit of lollipop crushing in the mortar and pestle for the stew and of course a soup requires chocolate ice-cream. It was highly entertaining to witness and you three were in heaven with your creations that were promptly consumed as a holiday treat.

L xx


  1. such great photos, it's so beautiful to see their relationships captured as they unfold x

  2. The look of concentration on your junior mathematician's face - priceless. Lollipop stew and chocolate soup - yum.
    It is amazing how many children don't read in the school holidays, teachers do notice a drop in reading abilities upon their return,to school so well done to your girls and to you for making it a fun thing to do..

  3. That face in the second photo is so animated - what concentration! Love how much your girls want to help each other - so lovely to see that shared learning happening!


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