Saturday, 1 August 2015

July - 6 Months!

July marked our 6th month in the UK.  Looking back on the last few months it is interesting to see the path toward "normal" days and then also how normal it now feels.

School finished for the year in July.  There were all manner of events and going's-on in the last few weeks.  A and H both loved performing in their various productions as part of the School Festival.  They were also terribly proud to have some of their work and art displayed at an "end of year" exhibition at school.  L graduated from Kindy after a gorgeous leaving ceremony, and sports day the week prior saw her grinning from ear to ear in every race and then at her medal.  There was a final school induction session for L, who couldn't wait to get back and start already!

School holidays started too of course and we had a great couple of weeks at home.  Daily "homeschooling", twice-weekly library visits, and something fun most days.  Some of that fun happened in the form of the long dreamed off Lollipop Stew for A and Chocolate Soup for H that they both got to make.  The girls all made great progress in the summer reading challenge at the Library and the holiday has already seen a bit of nail painting, as you do.

The girls have all made lovely friends and were firstly invited to a fun backyard fair with the neighbourhood kids, and then to a party at the beginning of the holidays - bouncy castle, lots of sunshine, yummy food, face-painting and henna!  Happy children.  The following week they were invited to another playdate and had great fun.  It has been a good month for getting to know some parents at school :)

I got to catch up with a friend again and we both enjoyed our coffee catch-up with a little yarn action on the side.  There was also lemon coconut birthday cake and presents this month - spoilt : )  We had lovely phone calls, messages, Skyping and facetimes and a few parcels from NZ too.  We adore our mailman!  We somehow managed to go out to dinner twice as a family (hoorah for vouchers!) - both to local Balti houses for absolutely delicious meals.  Another treat for us all.  D continues to be super busy and productive at work, making great progress and doing his thing.

Somehow it's also been quite a productive time in the sewing and gardening department.  Lots of ripping out of plants, dead trees, weeds etc, and then quite a bit of weed matting, putting down bark, top-soiling and grass sowing.  On the sewing front I've been able to test a couple of awesome patterns for Juliet, and also made a Big Little hooded scarf as a birthday gift for one of A's friends.  There has been a tiny bit of crochet as work continues on the big blanket.  A new fun activity has been colouring in thanks to some gorgeous adult colouring books received as gifts.  So many things to enjoy doing... so little time to do them all ; )

L xx

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  1. Six months? Really! Holy heck time sure zooms by! looks like you can all comfortably call the UK home. Glad you are getting some time to create.


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