Sunday, 28 September 2014


L:    You're 3.5 years old and you still ride this little bike with amazing skill. How you don't scrape your feet and still zip around on it is a bit of a mystery!

H:    Your first class"performance". You'd been sharing your "secret" song with us for weeks and the excitement was huge! And a zebra on a zebra crossing for your group t-shirt design... could it get much better?

A:    After so much practice, you were the sweetest wee thing up there with your class performance. The week ended a bit rough with you dragging yourself off to bed and sleeping in the middle of the day... something you haven't done since you were 9 months old!

And then I had to include this photo of you 3 doing the haka... you 3 crack us up with the different moves and interpretations!
L xx

Joining in with Jodi @ Practising Simplicity


  1. Looks like a wonderful end to the term - cute haka stances :-) Didn't it feel weird watching rugby in the middle of the day though? We all thought so!

  2. Ah....look at them go!!! Isn't it just fantastic to see them preform!!! Glad your sweetie got some extra rest. It just shows how little they are still which I will take as I love keeping them small for a bit!!! And could your wee one in that first photo be any cuter!!! A wonderful week to you and the girls dear friend!! Nicole xoxo

  3. I totally clocked the zebra tee too and thought winner!! X

  4. I always think of H whenever we see zebra things! Love the last pic, little groovers :-)

  5. 3x fabulous girls for sure!!! xx


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