Sunday, 14 September 2014


A trip to the beach was just the ticket for us girls this week.   A break from the usual post school routine, we headed to the beach for a change of scenery, fresh air and some fun.  Amazing what a difference it made, and how refreshed we all were for it.

A:    What a week we've had. On Monday night you lost your second tooth... unfortunately the tooth fairy was a bit preoccupied and forgot to visit during the night. Cue a very sad you on Tuesday morning... However, on Wednesday morning you awoke to a coin and a teeny card written by your fairy in her teeny writing explaining that she had an influx of teeth and had to attend a very special mouse birthday but had not for one minute forgotten you. You were so chuffed to have received this personal note and the tooth fairy's halo was restored.

L:    Wheeeeeeeee! Your grammar and language is evolving rapidly, though I still delight in words like "bumrella" instead of umbrella. I've also enjoyed watching you play with little friends lately in a much more mature fashion - playing together, interacting and compromising at the next level - well beyond the toddler "individualistic together" play.  I've been asked a few times, and again this week, you must be starting school soon? Not for anther 18 months if I can help it!

H:    You are such a technical girl with a mind for facts and data. Grilling me on all the details and technicalities of exactly how Josie was going to make it to Heaven. It made for some very creatively detailed conversations... You also received your first certificate at school assembly on Friday and were bursting with pride : )

L xx

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  1. Nothing like a bit of fresh air and a change of routine to freshen everyone up. Love bumrella, that is classic! I remember having so much fun on our tyre swing when I was young.

  2. Oh big times and fun times! Gosh I remember the tooth fairy not coming to my kids a few times, she always had a very good reason though :-/
    When my now 18yrs son was 2 and learning new words, screwdriver was a 'doodiver' and daddies 'doodivers' were often found stabbed into the lawn, only to be 'found' by the lawn mower!!!!

  3. Look at those blue blue blue eyes on all your girls so beautiful

  4. Fantastic shots.

    ...ah yes, those tooth fairies can get very very busy!

  5. So sweet!! Look at those happy faces!!! And the tooth fairy story put a big smile on my face as my little bean is on her second tooth out as well! Good job on the note mama!!! And I love their words when they are their own versions! Nothing cuter than son doesn't say yellow he says lellow!! The good stuff for sure! Happy week to you and the girls! Nicole xoxo

  6. Bumrella. Love it. Gorgeous pics of your beauties once again.

  7. Such lovely shots of the girls - I love the carefree abandon of the top one the most - hanging upside down - ah such a classic childhood pose! And the things they say.....oh I never want to forget the cute-isms they say for when they're gone they're hoo don't want to think about it!


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