Monday, 22 September 2014


H:    Such sheer delight in jumping in puddles. A moment of sunshine after all that rain and then the bonus of splashing to your heart's content. Asking you about your day at school is always interesting... we get a blow by blow of the whole day with so many details. A huge contrast to big sis who occasionally, and still, only gives us a headline or two. And you always fill the house with your singing... all the time, usually stuck on repeat but ooh so delightful.

L:    You still wake up a bit early some days and will come and cuddle with me in bed before we all rise for the day. I love those cuddles and you are so good at snuggling right into me - so delicious. Lately H has been asking exactly what your colour hair is called... as you are always collecting wee sets of "golden treasures" (which is pretty much anything shiny or in short supply), we now call your hair "golden" because it glows like treasure in the sun :)

A:    So many ideas, so many plans, so many schemes and so many stories in your head. A treasure trove when it comes pouring out. Often it seems your body cannot contain or control of all of you and your enthusiasm.  Can't wait to see where your beautiful thoughts lead you one day. x

L xx

Joining in with Jodi @ Practising Simplicity


  1. Ok...these photos are just fantastic!!! And that last shot of her in mid air is just out of this world!! How absolutely adorable! They look like they are having the time of their life! Lovely week you! Nicole xo

  2. Fab photos and awesome girls xxx,

  3. Good to see they had the sun shining down on them and their lovely puddles!

  4. Such cool photos and I love your wee reflections about each of them too. Xx

  5. That puddle jumping looks so fun - maybe i need to embrace my inner child a bit more and do things like that too!


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