Sunday, 22 December 2013

On the street where Albert lives

Things are still happening here in the dead of the night...

Day 15:  Glowsticks? Yes please!

After the rave he had little energy but managed to make a wee cushion for the chair.

Day 16:  A secret conference with the Zebra's... in the microwave... what the??

Maybe it's because Bambi was being a nuisance when he was trying to build the bookshelf...

Day 17:  After slaving away, doing some gardening and painting a windowsill,

he went for a cruisey giraffe-train-ride...

Day 18:  He's got magnetism of  some kind...

During the night, he also did some work on the other side of his section.

While Albert was hanging about and working on his "yard", Bambi decided to trash the house in an attempt to gain his attention...  (3 sets of little fingers kept tidying up this scene - it was re-created a number of  times, but you had to be quick or it was fixed!)

2 more sleeps!  Hope your preparations are going well!
L xx

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  1. Amaze Amaze Amazing !! !! You are so full of ideas and talent

  2. You are having so much fun with this aren't you? Hehehe - delightful! We are going well down here - lots of last minute making, but I'm enjoying it. Thanks for asking.


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