Monday, 23 December 2013

Home & Albert

Albert is currently preparing to depart to the North Pole tonight... the last few days have seen him grow a bit more weary from his labours, but only a little bit : )

Day 19: He arrived that morning scoffing down a breakfast treat that he'd procured for the girls... Such a treat they had no idea what it was!

Whilst out he also nabbed himself some new reading material.  Bambi immediately immersed herself into the world of Rudolph.

Somewhere along the line he lost his bearings though and did a crash dive into a pom-pom jar...

Day 20:  We woke up to find he had created his very own flying fox...

Here he is in action:

And he also added some festive outdoor lights to his house.  Isn't it pretty and bright?

Day 21:  Ooooohhhh, some pressies under his tree.

And he just had to do this oldie but a goodie... this year he magiced the milk blue :)

The last installment will be a bit later on this week.
Hope you're all happy and blessed and looking forward to tomorrow.
L xx

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  1. I LOVE these ideas, you've had heaps of fun with him. Have a fantastic Christmas : )

  2. I've just had a lovely read of Albert and Bambi's adventures!! Gosh they get up to mischief. Hope everyone at your house has a lovely Christmas, and Albert manages to get some sleep tonight!!

  3. I have been COMPLETELY mesmerised by Albert's adventures. I love the amazing theme you have woven through the whole time, and what a lot of attention to detail has gone into his special home - wow!

  4. Hugely entertaining! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas :-)

  5. Ohh what great ideas - Albert is a pretty cool elf! Must remember the milk one for next year :) Merry Christmas.

  6. And now I am wondering what will happen to Alberts home after he leaves tonight
    Buddy has flown from our home, the kids hugged and kissed him goodbye xxx
    LOVE Albert and your creativity xxx


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