Thursday, 19 December 2013

Albert comes to stay

Last year we had a bit of fun with Albert coming to stay at our house for the first time.  This year, he arrived with a plan or sorts...

On 1 December the Christmas tree went up.  Without having to prompt or remind, the girls they knew that this was Albert's cue... will he be there the next morning?

Day 1: Albert arrives with his suitcase from last year, a note for the girls and the structure of a house.  Santa let him use a reindeer or two to bring it along :)

Day 2:  Albert makes himself a bed.

Day 3:  He whips up some bedding: a sheet, pillow and quilt (of course).

Day 4:  A bit of carpeting and wallpapering to warm his home up.

Day 5:  Albert builds a table for his home.

Day 6:  Albert is having a real go at Mum's sewing machine!!
(The machine sits on the dining table.  Hubs and I had a ball watching the girls faces as the machine jumped to life and Albert started sewing!  With us pressing the foot pedal under the table, whilst seemingly far away from the guy, made this bit of magic absolutely priceless!)

Also, some curtains were added to his house.

Day 7:  He puts up his very own Christmas tree!

He was also caught putting up some more fairy lights.

Needless to say he's been one heck of a busy elf at night... between making a home, seeing Santa and generally having some fun, the little guy looks forward to having wee snoozes during the day.  

The girls wake up and run out each day to see what he's been up to and what he's done to his house.  Then they come to wake us up with the news... The magic is so so awesome :)

More on Albert and his house makings in the next few days :)
Have a magical day 
L xx


  1. Oh wow, this is brilliant! I might have to do Elf on a Shelf next year although we tend not to start Christmas stuff until the 19th December due to a December birthday and inquisitive toddler!

  2. Albert at the sewing machine - dying! What a novel idea to have him make his house a home. Love it all, you clever woman.

  3. This is just perfectly perfect all of it - what magical special memories you are creating for your family
    Much love to you all xxx

  4. I can see that Albert is a bit of a trickster. Love the sewing machine starting by itself!

  5. love your imagination and the fun you've been having with this!!! Your girls must love it!!

  6. Oh, this is so neat! What a great idea for your Elf to move into his very own house! This is the first year we've really done Elf on the Shelf properly. Our kids are still little and only just at the stage where they really notice him, so they've been finding it exciting just to see where he chooses to sit each day... so there haven't been any elaborate set-ups yet, but as they get older and appreciate it more I will have to remember this idea!
    P.S. Your girls have such beautiful names!

  7. Wow! Albert can sew! What a clever elf, HA!

  8. I love that he is so industrious! AH!


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