Friday, 20 December 2013

Albert's Block

Albert is one tireless little guy... here's more of what's been happening on Albert's Block.

Day 8:  Reading Mum's favourite childhood Christmas book to a wee audience.

After he worked like a mad thing on tiling his roof...

After the story he was a bit pooped so had a lie down.

Day 9:  We woke up to find him dabbling in some crochet...

We also discovered he'd adorned some of the walls of his home.  The girls were totally chuffed that they made it on the wall, along with Santa and a mirror.

All that positioning, finding studs, and reading patterns calls for another spot of sleepy reading.

Day 10:  The girls were shocked at this sight... he'd obviously lost his marbles...

I'd go delirious too if I'd spent the night hammering and upholstering a comfy armchair :)

As good a place as any to fall asleep again...

To see how far he's come you can see days 1-7 here.
A few more days to come!
L xx


  1. Brilliant! I think this is the best Elf set up everrrrr!

  2. Leonie - what a wonderful thing you are doing. The kids must be adoring it! I am going to have to show my boys later as they will think it's magic. I love what you did with the apples too! They looked amazing. Love Kate (from greedy for colour) xx.

  3. That is SO CLEVER! Albert (and his mother) are so talented. You are such a lovely mummy xxx

  4. Even I'm exhausted after reading that, how must Albert be feeling? Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  5. Oh what a fantastic take on the oh I mean he has been so busy and I can imagine he is well loved in your house. xxxxx

  6. I LOVE Albert- his house is super adorable- what a clever idea : )

  7. albert should try this next:



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