Saturday 21 December 2013

Albert in da Hood

Renovations and installations continue, and always with a smile : )

Day 11:  Joining a chorus of Angels.. it was tempting to turn the fan on but we refrained...

 During the night he also brought back a wee pet...

Having a cuddle with his new buddy, Bambi the reindeer.

Day 12:  Shock horror!  He wrecked the games shelves and built himself a wee fort!

And later that day he messed about with the pom pom jars...

 Must have been all the light that now illuminates his home at night that's gotten to him...

Day 13:  Albert's crochet skills are coming along... he whipped up a wee rug for his house.

Sleepy time with Bambi after wielding that hook all night.

Day 14:  Woah woah woah! He wrote on the door!!

Maybe it's because a new tablecloth, cup and plate didn't tire him out enough?

Whatever will he do next?
Days 1-7 here and days 8-10 here.
Hope you're having a productive weekend!
L xx


  1. WAHAHA! Albert is my favourite elf on the shelf ever! Talented and naughty all rolled up together!

  2. You and your elf make me smile ! Such imagination .. .. .. but the door EEEEKKKKK

  3. Albert = best Elf ever. Seriously, I've told Fernando he needs to spend the next 11 months under Albert's tuition ;)

  4. Ha ha ha- love the game shelf fort!~ Your elf has the best ideas.


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