Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Yo-Yo! Show & Tell!

Hi Lovelies,

Show & Tell Thursday's

How's your January been?  Getting into a crafty groove?

Last year whilst perusing and researching Miriam and her Pinterest boards, I decided to try one of the things found on there, for the advent swap.

A yo-yo covered cushion cover.

I'd never made any before and I am in love!  So quick and easy and cute!!

There was a bit of planning - arrangements, buttons, etc.

And I am really happy with the way it turned out  : )

Today is the last day to link up and be in to win a fat quarter of your choice from this gorgeous range and metre of pom-pom braid from lovely Lisa at Lydia's Treasures.
Lydia's Treasures

What wonderfully happy creations have you been working on?
Looking forward to seeing it!
L x


  1. Lovely colours. I have a weakness for buttons and love them too. Cx

  2. I love this cushion SO much - the colours the buttons the puffs..... ahhhh and I get to keep it. Lucky, lucky me :o) xxxx

  3. This cushion is amazing. I think I might try make one this week! The colours you chose are all perfect! Ive linked up a dress I made. Taz x

  4. Love the cushion, you seem to master everything you put your hands too! Love the rainbow effect :) x

  5. Gorgeous cushion! Love the colours.

  6. LOVE it!!

    Definitely pinning it! i've decided we need some cushions on our black leather couches. For comfort. And style. I'm thinking of using these sorts of colours - a creamy / light cushion base and each cushion have some sort of bright unique detail on it!

    I've linked in, and just realised I haven't been linking back in my posts -SO SORRY!! Hope you haven't noticed and thought I was being a blog snob! I'm just forgetful / lazy, honest :)


  7. I love the yoyo pillow. It is awesome

  8. Looks beautiful and bright. Great pillow

  9. Wow - love, love, love the yo-yo cushion. So nice and bright :-)

  10. I love yo-yos. I have been meaning to make some for ages.

  11. Its beautiful leonie, and the colours so cheery. And its reminded me i have a 1/4 finished doll house yoyo quilt to finish...sometime...!

  12. Such a fun and tactile cushion - love it. I bet it will be a favourite with the kiddies!

  13. Hey Leonie, I finally found your blog again! Jeez louise, I had totally lost the link. Sigh. Anyway your cushion is GORGEOUS and I want you to tell me right away how you did those little cute yo-yo flower things. Are you coming to Christchurch? xx

  14. Better late than never. Popping in to say hi. I do loooove your yo-yo cushion.


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