Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Show & Tell - A House Pouch

Hi Lovelies,

How's your new year going?  Have you gotten stuck into some new projects?  Working on finishing some old ones?  Or just having a break?  I've been itching to get stuck into something... but too many other things keep cropping up : ) One of those things is a rainbow dress for my soon to be 5-year old... any suggestions anyone?

Show & Tell Thursday's

Last year I made this little pouch for Miriam as part of the Advent Swap.

I saw the pattern in Cat's copy of Zakka Style.  And Miriam loves little houses.  Done.
It was my second attempt at a zip...  and I think the pattern and I will agree to disagree on the correct size needed but I think it turned out ok in the end...

And it was lined with some gorgeous fabric from Deb's shop.  I was a little in love with it by the time it was done : )  And it has been received with great warmth and enthusiasm - yay!

Dont forget our giveaway for January!  Some fabric and a few other items are on offer to anyone who has linked up during the month - sponsored by lovely Lisa from Lydia's Treasures.
Lydia's Treasures
Remember to go check out her shop as she has some gorgeous goodies on offer.

Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on.  Thanks for linking up and visiting!
L xx

Show & Tell Thursday's


  1. Woo my first time linking in! This little purse matches your little row of buttons at the bottom of your blog! So sweet :)

  2. I do love it, houses, buttons, fabric, beautiful stitching - what's not to love?? xx

  3. I love it!
    I will join your show n tells on Thursdays when my scheduled posts are finished.... I'm two weeks in advance of posts at the moment ;) got too much to show. LOL. Have fun!
    Another New Zealand blogger.

  4. its beautiful leonie. makes me want to make a fabric doll house! the sponsor shop is great, good to file away somewhere i can get tilda fabrics. i've been making your quick bread all week. so great to have the recipe as i can imagine i still be able to homebake even a newborn its so easy, and tasty. hope your having a lovely week x

  5. It's simply gorgeous and I have to make something out of that book myself
    Actually one of my plans is to make things out of books I've purchased before purchasing anymore

  6. That is gorgeous....and yes I would have had a hard time parting with it too!!! so cute :)

  7. I love your cottage purse. I just got that book and can't wait to make one of my own. Cx

  8. How absolutely ADORABLE!!!
    I am looking forward to joining up with your show and tell this year!

  9. my first time linking in too. Miriam suggested it. Im looking forward to getting some more sewing inspiration :) From the novice!


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