Monday, 14 January 2013

Cupcake Love

I've been itching to do some baking (other than bread!) lately... We love baking, so today we pulled out our new cupcake and muffin book and started with some delicious Vanilla cupcakes....

After they had cooled the best bit came... icing and decorating... pink and blue icing was requested and mixed...

And after a bit of help and guidance on piping the icing, came the toppings...

All hands on deck - and a few mouths too...

A happy collection that kept us all entertained for a while.  They tasted good too!

Baking and decorating is a fun and frequently requested activity in our household.  It's something we thoroughly enjoy doing together and one of the things that help me to be the mum I want to be.

Hope your week is off to a fun and happy start!
Joining in with Miriam and Ange.
L xx

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  1. nom nom!! cupcakes! Love the icing

  2. Looks like the girls had great fun making those yummy cakes

  3. LOVE the looks on those sweet lil girls faces
    You are such a FAB Mum to those girls
    Sharing a kitchen is not something I do graciously - may I send Tsunami to you for cooking lessons
    Love this post it made me smile LOTS

  4. I love the concentration - baking is so much fun with little people - even if it is kinda an exercise in self control from taking over too - well it is for me!

  5. yum! I wish I was there to scoff one down :) What a fun thing to do x


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