Thursday, 10 January 2013

Loving- my girls

Warning: this is all about my children and the mushy squishy feelings I'm enjoying at the moment!  And I will add right now, that yes, they have had their moments and there have certainly been a day or two where they've woken up seemingly with the sole purpose of making sure I pull my hair out...

But mostly it's been a really awesome week...  Watching new movies, shopping, working on birthday plans...  Filled with lots of iceblocks on sweltering days...

Lying on blankets, eating popcorn, watching clouds and planes in the sky.  We've just had such a lovely time playing and having fun.  Playing 'house', mummy's and babies...

Anya loves picking Liezel up and carrying her around.  Of course Liezel loves her doing this.  It is hilarious.
Heidi tries but she's not much bigger than Liezel - which also makes for great entertainment.
The two older girls dote on their little sister... always holding her hand, leading her around, looking after her, giving her hugs, cleaning her scraped knees and so on.
And Liezel loves her big sisters.  More and more I find her watching and looking at them for guidance.  On how to do something or how to react... whatever her big sisters are doing she will do too.

Little things they've been saying:  Anya calls the other two sweetheart, darling, etc all the time.  and the other day my hubby was showing her different types of speakers.. tweeters, subwoofer, etc... when he moved on to a different grouping she proudly showed him which one the "birdie" speaker was... :) too cute!

Liezel's talking more and more and starting to string proper sentences together.  "Mine" has become "I've got it" in just the last couple of days.  This kid... she is one heck of a character... and has a face that can get her out of anything... it takes alot of suppressing smiles and laughter to keep a straight face sometimes : )

Warm and fuzzies : )
Have a great weekend everyone!
L xx

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  1. they are so gorgeous - glad you guys are having such a special summer together - it really is so precious!

  2. cuuuuuuuuute they look like bffs!!

  3. LOVE your girls
    and yes that lil red head is super dooper cuteness

  4. Aw posts like these are just so precious! It's so great when the slow pace of holiday time really allows these beautiful sibling relationships to form xx

  5. Its so special when siblings get along well isn't it! Such a beautiful family.

  6. Gorgeousness! So lovely to read little glimpses into your life like this ....and then of course there's that photo of Liezel the other day! lol :)

  7. Oh, how cute are they?? (But you know that already, obviously!) I love that they are so into doing things together x


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