Thursday, 11 October 2012

Not many more to go...

Recently I received two more blocks from the Modern Sampler Bee ladies.

This one from Cat:

And this one from Treena:

Love them!  Cant wait for the last few to arrive!  Once I have them all in my hot little hands I can start planning how to combine them all in a quilt for Anya.

This week I have also been loving:
- Disney's Cinderella becoming available after years and years.  I love love love animated movies and have never seen it!  The girls and I are thoroughly enjoying it.
- Finally catching up on the work front.
- I don't really care much about winning - I'm more about enjoying the experience, but I was happy to win a boardgame that has frustrated me immensely in the past :)
- Making progress on the Advent Swap goodies!
- Little sayings from the girls:  Anya is currently on an "actually" kick..., Liezel is in the "no" phase
- Conversation with Heidi: "Heidi can you please bend down for a second"; "I cant"; "What? Why cant you?"; "Because I'm too little"...
- Loving gorgeous gorgeous sunshiny days, and blowing bubbles outside.
- Crafting with friends - always a good time : )

Have a great weekend!
L x

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  1. Glad it arrived :D Excited to see how you put them all together :D

  2. Love it - I look forward to seeing the final arrangement

  3. But today it was a definite yes phase!!!

  4. I'm hanging out for the original Peter Pan to come out again - love that one :) Just loving these beautiful days too :)


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