Monday, 1 October 2012

24 Hours a Day

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It's been a tough old time lately but once I sit down and breathe the picture above comes to mind.  

This time, incident, moment - it will pass.  Tomorrow is a new day.  

Every day, every moment can be a new beginning, an opportunity to change, a chance to grow and learn or to cut your losses, put things behind you and move on.  To accept.  To Love. To Leave.

It's easy to feel that we are always listening, always there - but those same people don't LISTEN when it's our turn.   Forget.

It is easy to feel that we shoulder our own and other's burdens - but our burdens aren't significant enough for others to shoulder.  Forgive.

It seems easy to complain and seek sympathy but not doing what is required to "fix" what we can.  Encourage.

Life is hard - we are all fighting our own battles and in our own ways.  My problems may not seem as big or significant as the next person's, but they are the things that keep me awake.

We are all different.  We all suffer in different ways.

We aren't different in our need for love, kindness, support and to feel as if we matter.

Today I ask you to Listen, but more than that, to genuinely care.  

To show that for a day or two or three, someone else's life is just as important to you as your own.

Listen.  Hug.  Love.

L xx


  1. There are some wonderful truths there, and we all need gentle reminders - thanks for sharing. I am always telling my husband he needs to listen instead of waiting to talk!

  2. sending you a big virtual hug today xxx


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