Monday, 15 October 2012

A baby no more

My youngest, Liezel, will be 18 months soon.... Waaaaaaaa!!!

In the last couple of weeks she has graduated from a highchair to the big table with the rest of us and you can tell that, even though she was sitting with us, this little change makes her really feel part of things now.

She has also moved into a "big bed".  (We started the other two on a mattress on the floor and slowly moved the base in once they got the hang of staying on the mattress - so we are using the same approach this time round too.)

Last morning wake up in the cot.

She is absolutely thrilled with the freedom and loves that her sisters come to her room to play now, rather than her being too little to get up on their beds to join in...

Sound asleep curled up in the corner.

In retrospect she's probably been ready for ages... Funny how subsequent children after the first seem younger and younger than their older siblings at the same ages... or is that just me holding on to the last of the littleness? 

She has a new lease on life.  My baby is a baby no more.... I will miss it but I will enjoy moving on too.
Now to figure out how long I can justifiably hold on to the baby stuff... 
L xx


  1. Omg shes so cute and dinky i canvtotallycsee why she's still your wee baby!

  2. oh i am itching to get rid of the 'stuff'- have been moving it on to friends as quickly as possible. she is gorgeous, waking up with wild night hair in her cot for the last time. that's a great tip with learning to sleep in a bed, too, might have to give that a try for our last little! :)sarah

  3. Awww so cute all tucked up in the corner! I love that pic..... its hard to let go of the baby things, there were a few cardies I knit my girl that I gave away to another baby which in retrospect I wish I had kept... decisions, decisions..

  4. Awww, love that photo of her curled in the corner!
    I'm not brave enough to move mr almost 2 into a big bed yet, but he doesn't mind as every morning big sister climbs into his cot with him and they play together- so cute!

  5. She is totally adorable - and today she just melted my heart - LOVE your kids xxx


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