Thursday, 4 October 2012


I've been a bit slack in keeping up with my little daily rays of sunshine...

Here's what been making me smile:
- Heidi's expressions: "Same same" when pointing out that things are alike.  Two items are "same same".
- She has a very expressive little face and sometimes you'd ask her a question and the little face will contort and she'll say: "mmmm, let I think for a minute... mmmm I dont know"...
- My baby girl graduating to the big kids table for meals... bye bye high-chair (sob sniff)
- Arriving home after a few stressful days away...
- Grateful for a couple of nights' solid deep sleep... bliss...
- Flowers from a friend - totally unexpected.

-  Heidi playing with a $1 coin (no we didn't know she was playing with it) but the sound of it being swallowed and the expression on the little face was priceless...  She is now a little proud that she has money in her tummy :)
- Still loving reruns of one of my favourite shows: The Big Bang Theory.  Never fails to make me laugh.

-  Liezel randomly running up to her sisters and giving them huge hugs.
-  Finishing off a couple of sewing projects.
- Two successful incident-less airoplane trips with 3 little girls.

Looking forward to the weekend and some serious work catchup!
Have a great one everybody!
L xx

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  1. loving air trips without incidence! and those little expressions are SO cute x

  2. Sounds lovely! The bug bang theory hits the spot for me too. I just got the dvds so i can stick it on when imbfeeling grusome! Happy weekend x

  3. Oh golly...not everyone can say they are rich on the inside ;-) Hopefully it passes through ok....I remember having to check for a few days after we thought your littlie (only about 1 at the time) had swallowed a plum stone. We never saw it again so who knows whether he did or it just got lost somewhere along the way! Hope you have a fab weekend xx

  4. Our littlie...not yours...LOL...should have checked that!

  5. Flowers well deserved
    You are loved
    You are appreciated
    Never change who you are xxx

  6. Wow life isn't boring for you ...are you expecting to see the coin again?

  7. Woops! on the coin... they certainly keep us on our toes..don't they?? ")


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