Sunday, 22 July 2012


Firstly - you guys are so awesome.  Seriously.

Not one comment that felt like "pity" and not a single "just suck it up" either.  Just right, just perfect, each and every one making this squishy heart, warm and fuzzy.  Thank you All.

Secondly, no I haven't fallen off the wagon as soon as I got on it.  I have each day focussed on positive, happy and encouraging things - the things that warm my heart, make me laugh and make me Happy.

And so I can hold myself accountable:
Wednesday: Liezel is growing cuter and cuter daily and it entered my concious mind just how adorable she is (to me of course) and how quickly she is growing up, becoming independent and wrapping all of us around her little fingers.  We had a chuckle, giggle filled day with this little firecracker who is becoming larger than life.
Thursday: We headed out East to an old stomping ground and had a wonderful time on the beach collecting shells and playing hide and seek with waves seeking out little shoes that were itching to get wet :)
Friday: A lovely catchup with friends at a local cafe -  coffee, food and fizzy ice cream soda's :)
Saturday:  Visited a wonderful craft market with cupcakes and balloon creations and in the evening relaxed more than I have in a long time... :)
Sunday:  Wonderful cuddles from my sweet, gentle and caring big girl.

So here's to a great week and to a great bunch of people all over the world :)
Big hugs
L x

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