Monday, 30 July 2012

Coffee.... Mmmmm....

I have a cup of Vanilla Latte sitting beside me and it smells heavenly... Mmmm....

I cant believe it's Tuesday! We've had such an adventure and activity filled weekend the last few days have been a complete blur... a happy blur :)

Be Happy

Friday:  Liezel discovering that saying please can get her just about anything :)
Saturday:  Watching the start of the Olympics with my girls... Their first Games and they are mesmerized by the gymnastics especially.
Sunday:  The excitement of going on an adventure with special friends - one that involved many changes of plans and fluffies and rain - and no one cared because we were together and it was fun!
Monday:  At the doctor for Liezel's immunisations, Heidi requesting from the doctor for herself and Bebe (her stuffed Zebra) to be examined too and telling him just what he needed to do - absolutely priceless, even to the doc : )

5 Fluffies Please

Now I'm off to have some more delicious coffee....
Have a happy week everyone!
L x


  1. Love that quote sounds like a really good week x

  2. And the coffee and fluffies today were much loved - be happy xxx


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