Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Birthday Girls

In the last couple of months we've had two birthday girls - yay for Birthdays!
Growing up our birthday cakes were always special and my mum made some amazing creations.  Having such special memories of those I have tried to create special cakes for my girls birthdays to date...

Heidi turned 3 a couple of weeks ago.  After taking a fondant cake decorating class I was able to create the cake she had requested :)  She loves Zebra's and her favourite colour is orange... and she was a happy little girl!  Two months of waking each morning, running to the calender and counting down sleeps to her birthday resulted in a wonderful day for a very excited little girl : )

Liezel had her first birthday at the end of April and at one she is a wiz with lego (duplo) ... so a lego cake it was... Didn't quite go to plan... the rounds for the tops disintegrated so a snap decision was made the night before to just use duplo instead.  Cant wait to see what "likes" she develops this year!

Dont you just love kids birthdays?!
Happy Humpday Everyone!
L x


  1. wow the Zebra cake is AMAZING!!! love it - its so cute.

  2. Both cakes and days were amazing
    I do love a birthday celebration with my 3 fav lil girls

  3. wow, what great cakes you made Leonie, more talents to add to your list

  4. Amazing cakes! Especially love the zebra one.

  5. Both cakes are fabulous - but especially that zebra one - BRILLIANT!!

  6. Amazing cake! Wow love it, the zebra is awesome! .... I gave up long ago on making cakes like that.... now we just make sponges or chocolate cake with cream and berries... so glad my kids love cakes like that or I would be up the river without a paddle! :) or maybe I should get some tips from you?

  7. that cake is amazing! totally professional looking! gosh it looks delicious too, bet she loved it x

  8. the zebra cake rocks!! I thought it was made by a professional, it looks amazing. the lego one is great too, love the contrasting colors! Great job :-)

  9. I love your cakes... and I love doing kids birthdays... sooo much fun :-)
    Hugs Lisa

  10. lovely blog and little girls. I follow you. hugs Alessandra


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