Sunday, 18 October 2015

Forty Three/52

Playing with the kids in our street. So happily - so many smiles, so much laughter. It was the last week of school before mid-term break and we are looking forward to down-time. H's year had a small production of school to demonstrate some of the things they learned at topic during the term. H spoke loud and clearly when it came to her part... Another proud motherly moment :) Other mothers even came to me to comment about the top-notch projection ;) SA played NZ in the world cup Semi's - we had a divided and passionate household. H siding with Mum, L and A siding with Dad... but at the end we could all pat each other on the back. Love seeing how enthusiastic you all are and hope we continue to have such great sporting spirit.
L xx


  1. your three sunshine girls always make me smile........looks like cooler weather there!

  2. It's so cool to have those proud mama moments. They look like they are really enjoying themselves xxx

  3. Oooh a divided household must be hard for those big games! Definitely starting to look cooler over there.

  4. Divided but guaranteed a team in the finals ...
    Gorgeous photos of the girls


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