Sunday, 4 October 2015


A: Apple collecting/picking from a neighbour down the street. Such fun :) During the week we finally had some friends around after school for a baking/play session. All 7 of you had such a great time - tearing around the place, climbing trees, baking, decorating, eating and playing games. It is really so lovely to see some of the gorgeous friends you've made and being able to have these occasions.

H: You and I went to the monthly embroidery get together over the weekend. You loved stitching and I was hugely impressed with how beautiful your work was. We had a lovely sushi lunch in which you devoured your food - much to my amuzement :) A special one-on-one time for us.

L: We made some hand puppets together one morning at school this week - you are so very clear on what you do/dont want and like and very good at giving "direction". You are loving school - everyday you come home full of beans and joy and stories and stickers. Tired but happy :)

L xx


  1. those two missing front teeth make me smile
    my kids won't eat our homegrown apples straight from the tree but they will if I bake with them

  2. So nice that you are gathering a community of friends around you xx

  3. Oh, yay for a mother/daughter date at an embroidery get together! It's never too early to get kids stitching, is it? :o)

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