Sunday, 18 October 2015

Forty One & Two/52

Two more weeks that absolutely flew by. There were various workshops at school with both A and H and then there were also parent meetings. Our A is a "diamond" and if only there were more H's in class! Proud and delighted mummy :) It is such a joy to hear how well you both are doing and how happy you are at school. This school year is off to a great start and you are both fully engaged, involved and thriving.

We also had some familial visitors stay for a couple of nights... we had such a lovely time and you girls especially loved having them here. Lots of reading, chatting, "look at me!" There was choir, football, homework, a lot of rugby watching(!) and life in general - life and it's knack for absolutely zooming by.

L xx


  1. it does zoom by doesn't it - and heading towards a winter Christmas (the best kind!)

  2. Oh gosh that top photo LOVE !!!
    My Dad is in the uk At the moment on his first oe xxx


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