Sunday, 23 August 2015

Thirty Four/52

Back to reality this week!  We had a lovely quiet time at home and resumed our daily writing and maths learning/practice, had some fun outside and replenished the books a few times.  You've all taken on different roles when we go to the supermarket.  H is the list reader, L likes to steer the trolley and A sometimes holds on to bags, but is mostly the cheerleader.  I love how we all fall into our natural rhythms and positions.   One super moment during the week was H encouraging L to learn to ride on the "big bike".  What a wonderful coach and encouraging teacher you were.  L loved, loved the attention and the challenge and managed a few spins unassisted.  Yet another milestone being reached.

L xx


  1. LOVE that last photo, what joy is captured on her face. I've been wondering what you've all been up to. Once again, my reader is not updating as it should so I've missed a couple of months of your posts.

  2. Oh sweet L your face just made my evening xxx


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