Sunday, 2 August 2015

Thirty One/52

A full, busy and exciting week it was. Lots of walks, multiple library visits, a lovely afternoon spent with sweet friends and the start of a big trip to round it off. At one point L exclaimed "I am Totally Exhausted" - so dramatic : ) A completed the Reading challenge at the Library, all three were invited to a lunch and playdate with new friends where we had a lovely time. Then of course came the holiday we have been dreaming off and counting down to. On the Saturday afternoon we arrived in France and it wasn't long before L found snails and all three were chasing after a frog. The irony was not lost on us! L was appalled to see her snails in a supermarket freezer earlier on too... After a beautiful and hot wander around the Luxemburg Gardens on Sunday, you loved dipping your feet in a fountain to cool down.

A very happy second week of school holidays.
L xx


  1. look at all that sunshine! Looks like the girls are soaking it up.

  2. France!!! What a great treat for you all.

  3. *giggle* at snails and frogs


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