Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Ticking the Boxes - Week 4

Having a tenancy agreement sorted and therefore an address, meant that this week moved on to the next stage of organising and sorting.

A frustrating Monday morning on the phone with schools and city council trying to find a spot for the girls. Then we just got in the car and went to see a few, sign up and get onto the enrollment waiting lists. Schools were just back from mid-term break and we were hopeful that in the next few days we would be lucky enough to hear some good news.

The following day we sorted out some bunks for the girls and wahoo! got a call with a spot at a school for A! Otherwise lots of admin and getting the lay of the land on various fronts: school, home and day-to-day related.

A visit with the school principal was scheduled first thing on Wednesday morning. All 3 the girls loved seeing the school, classes and what lay in store. After the visit we went off to buy a school uniform, home for lunch, and then a walk into the city to find things like a waterbottle and school shoes. We were pooped but happy by the end of the day! With A getting a spot, H moved up the waiting list to the #1 spot for her year. And although she was sad she couldn't start too it didn't take long before she got that just one kid needed to leave for her to be able to join... just one...

After all the excitement from the day before we opted for an outing to a cafe for morning tea and doing more homework on our new suburb. Along with a bit of an online catchup, blogging and sorting out photos. Of course D was full steam ahead at work and getting stuck in too.

Friday came along and we set off for another afternoon walk and sightseeing adventure. Along with some more lovely streets and buildings, we stumbled upon the Birmingham Cathedral. And that evening was the first night D and I sat down and did not do any homework/sorting/organising/etc in almost 2 months. Felt really strange!

We went to collect the keys and "checked-in" to the new place on Saturday morning. We weren't in a position to move in just yet, but it was now official. With lots of boxes now ticked, Sunday rolled around with time for another trip to the cafe, a stroll around the canals and visit to the library.

We could practically touch the light at the end of the tunnel :)
L xx


  1. I haven't commented here for a long time, but wanted you to know I'm following your adventures!

    What a relief now that one is in school and you've got a home lined up! Hopefully the next gap in school opens up soon for #2 and everyone can get into a regular routine. xx

    We're car shopping now so we almost have a car (can not WAIT!). Going to visit the library, the home depot, michaels craft store... ;)

  2. Good to hear that you all are making progress with schools!!! Such a process!!! But those sites are just beyond stunning!!! You keep up the hard work my friend! You are doing such a great job for your family during this transition!!!! Proud of you!!! Nicole xoxo

  3. can't wait for the next instalment - the cathedral looks beautiful!

  4. Oh me Oh my that cathedral looks amazingly beautiful . . .
    So glad boxes are being ticked and things are falling into place

  5. Wow again so much achieved in a mere few days - you could do this for a living for others - ha ha! Although no doubt it's had it's hairy moments along the way - love that you are recording your journey so fluently and fully xx


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