Thursday, 19 March 2015

Connected - Week 3

The new week dawned and I felt practically human again.  It's really strange how seemingly every 7 days, it felt like power was restored to a degree.  It also highlighted how far "below par" we were feeling!

Monday morning started with another attempt to get a mobile phone and contract so we could start operating "locally".  Again no dice - the lack of a credit history here a hindrance.  We had limited options.  So the girls and I hotfooted it to the stores we perused the day before.  Hopefully someone would take pity on a foreigner with three children ... hahaha.  Anyways, we spent a couple of hours at a shop and sorted out a phone and a laptop.  They needed to set up a couple of things so we wandered back to the apartment.  After lunch we headed back to collect the last of the items and wandered around the shops while we waited.  We now had a couple of proper devices to work from and local connectivity.  We also managed to arrange car insurance ... again no credit history making things very difficult but we got there.  No word on the house we applied for.

Tuesday dawned beautifully bright and sunny.  Off for a walk in the sunshine and to take some photo's.  Oh sun, how we love you!  Gorgeous day it was with an amazing blue sky.  We stopped in at the library again and got a fresh supply of books.  And... dum dum daaaah... found out we missed out on the house... meh.  Back to the drawing board searching, phoning, re-visiting previous ones.

Wednesday we headed off to collect one of the cars.  While out and about we tried to see more houses but they were gone by the time we arrived.  However, we did manage to get in to view one.  The lucky one that we pursued within minutes of leaving to make sure we were in first this time!  And we got to have lunch at a favourite wee spot.  I tried out the Pina Colada tea this time too... and it was every bit as delicious as it sounds :)

Thursday we returned the rental car and set off to collect the second one.  Negotiations for the next house were underway.  We started investigating schools and coming up with action plans should it all pan out.  What was the minimum we would need for a new place, that we didn't have with us, while we wait for our stuff to arrive.  List making still going strong.

On Friday the fridge in the apartment decided to give up the ghost, and the broadband too.  Gah.  So off we went for what felt like our routine - a walk around exploring new areas of the city.  We headed off along a different canal and into the Jewellery Quarter.  Another delightful expedition.  And to top it off we had a functioning fridge, active broadband and a signed tenancy agreement upon our return!  Hoorah!

Saturday consisted of another visit to the new house to measure and plan what we would need furniture wise.  Of course we had sold most of our old furniture in NZ before we came so some things needed replacing.  We had done our homework on some possible furniture shops, sales, etc so armed with our measurements and information we went to scope out options.  As we arrived at one furniture shop the sky turned black and we were met with a proper heavy snowfall!  It lasted for all of 30 minutes and took even less time to disappear when the sun came out.  But, we were all rather delighted by this experience.

Sunday saw us drop in at a few more places for furniture, before making some decisions and doing the rounds to purchase a few essentials (beds!) to be delivered when we move in.  This took the whole day and of course was hampered again at times by the non-existent credit history.   Still, we got there one way or another in the end.  The evening, like every other evening for weeks now, was spent researching schools and kindies and other "moving-in" related homework.

Week 3, connectivity, house and some furniture - tick.
L xx


  1. It's crazy to think just how much work is involved in the 'set-up' of a whole new life in another country but you are giving us such a good flavour of exactly how much is involved. Coming to terms with another banking system alone (especially one as archaic as the UK) can be a cause for incredible frustration (been there done that!) so well done for persevering despite the 'lack of credit history'. Cannot wait to see what Week 4 brings xx

  2. Getting there, so good to have the house sorted. We were similar owning a house means you have no referees for rentals, crazy! Xx

  3. WOW your girls are doing so well . . . I can't even begin to imagine their patience levels (non existent in one of mine!) LOVING the photos and cringing at the credit history thing . . . . awwww come on give you guys a chance!

  4. Gosh it all sounds rather stressful trying to arrange connections, purchases etc. You will be able to write a book for other kiwis making the move when you are finished and settled.


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