Monday, 16 March 2015


H: You had a great time on Monday playing at L's new kindy. And the people there all fell in love with you too. Such a nice treat for you to get to be part of the environment if only for a few hours. On the other days where it was just you and I, you were a great buddy. You like to know the order of events and will number and sequence them and "tick" them off out loud as we progress through our to-do's. You patiently helped on Wednesday with deliveries, shopping and tidying all the while working toward making sure you and I got time to crack into your paper-craft book. And then you were in heaven, making all the items and constructing your town. I love the way your mind works :)

L: You started kindy this week. A visit on Monday for a couple of hours in which H was able to join you and then a couple more days. And you got to have dinner on one of the days! I was a little unsure what you meant about this dinner business but we now know that dinner here, is lunch for us! And apparently you had two helpings of the meal and of the pudding! You were clearly not going to waste a cooked meal at lunch time :) You loved your time at Kindy and then enjoyed some quiet time at home when you returned. Also, you love Brussell Sprouts - just like me! We bought some at the beginning of the week for a meal during the week and you were slightly incensed that we were having not having the "little green canonballs" that same night! You were thrilled when we finally did have them... something I can relate to ;)

A: Red nose day at school. How I managed to find my one and only never worn lipstick in our few belongings I'm not sure, but lipstick, mascara and a silly hair-do made you happy and ready to join in with the day's antics at school. You are relishing being back at school and come home every day buzzing with all you've learned and the stories of the day. All three of you have also enjoyed being able to finally get to run around outside, play and climb trees now we have moved into a house. It is such a joy to watch you all enjoy the outside space no matter the temperature.

L xx


  1. Aw.....look at them all rugged up enjoying the outdoors - yay for having more space to do so. Brussel sprouts are funny things aren't they - love em or hate em - my mum never liked them so never fed them to us as kids - I've quite liked them when I have tried them. That papercraft books looks amazing is it an Ellen Giggenbach one?? xx

  2. Cute wee red's probably red under the red nose too!

  3. A house A house ooohhh I want to see pictures
    The girls (and you) seem to be settling well
    You are so orgainised and such a great Mum Wife and of course friend
    Miss you lots more than words can explain

  4. Loving that red nose!! And wow are your girls are settling in so wonderfully! I am so happy to hear that school is going great and that you all are up to your normal activities like playing outside! They are dolls! Such a good mama you are!! Nicole xoxo

  5. they are doing so well - little people's adaptability is astounding really - such cuties! x

  6. So many exciting things! Kindy, new house and school! Looks like thing are starting to get back to 'normal' :) xxx


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