Saturday, 14 March 2015

Nine & Ten/52

A: We got lucky and got a spot for you in a local school and you started the following week. Excited would be an understatement for how wired you were about starting school! After almost three months of having you and your sisters with me every day, and now having to send you off to a school in a "foreign" and new environment was a bit hard on your old mum... You may as well have been 5 and starting school for the very first time... I actually think this time was harder! But of course you and your sweet, optimistic and super keen nature were away. Happy as larry and having a blast! You love your new uniform and you love your school. You were slightly weary that you were in Year 2 over here but thank goodness for seasons and celebrations to help explain how school is structured here! And on your first day it snowed on the way there! Heaven!

H: You cannot wait for your place to become available at school so you can start too. You were a bit gutted that a spot opened up for A, but not you. Though you grasp that because A is in you are now #1 on the waiting list for your year. In the meantime you and little sis have been having a ball. I love watching the different relationships you all have with each other and the different kinds of interactions and dynamics the various combinations create. You are so lovely and in such a unique position having a younger sister to dote on and guide, and an older sister to look up to. So special. And you love it. We had a lovely outing showing Daddy some of our canal walks and also the library... you of course being all about the detail and sharing all the steps and information you've learned from previous occasions. You simply love knowing what's what and it gives you a sense of control in life.

L: The way you look up to your big sisters is adorable. But at the same time you are completely in control of just what you want and how you want it to go. Such a force. You were excited about visiting kindies and trying to find one that appeared just right. You loved having H to yourself for a week and loved all the school visits, shopping trips and getting to be part of the whole experience. You are every bit as interested and involved in all the happenings in your big sister's worlds, as you are about your own. Watching you play hop-scotch at school was a hoot. Hands in your pockets whilst at it :) The three of you are always a sight being so bright and colourful and full of personality. Watching you stroll down the yellow road was just too cute not to capture.

L xx


  1. So lovely to see you all settling in. Do we ever get over our kids growing up & going to school or university or leaving home? I haven't, I miss my kids terribly! I hope another school spot turns up soon.

  2. OHHHH her uniform is adorable Leonie!!!! So wonderful that you got her in to a local school!!! I bet it was so hard on you though I bet she is doing awesome! I hope that a spot opens up for your other sweetie very soon! But in the meantime it looks like you are just soaking it all up! A wonderful thing!!! Happy weekend dear friend! Nicole xoxo

  3. Just lovely to look at your girls taking this new adventure all in their stride.

  4. The uniform is too cute :) xx

  5. Such a big adventure for them - glad she has settled into her new school.


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