Sunday, 6 July 2014

Blue is wonderful too

For Miriam's Little Bit of Wonderful Colour Swap, I was teamed up with Georgina, one of Miriam's friends in Australia.  Georgina's favourite colour is blue, duck egg blue to be specific!  My favourite colour is blue too so I had even more fun creating a package for her : )

The items were based on the things she enjoys and likes.  I forgot to take a photo but each parcel had a wee note/clue on it and also a personal note complete with a poem (well the first stanza) that I love.

Something old: A second hand book
Something new: Small blue glass vase
Something borrowed: Book borrower cards
Something blue: Nail polish
My mama always said: Chocolates
Magic: Blue crochet mushroom
Nipper grabber: Blue mini tongs
All that sparkles is not gold: Blue sprinkles
Mollie, my sisters, and I fell out, and what do you think it was all about?: Coffee
Roses are Red, Violets are blue, when you're in bed or have a sore leg, I can come too!: A wheat-bag
Fee fi fo fum: Blue jelly beans

Thanks again Miriam for organising a really fun and happy swap!
L xx


  1. Awesome package. Love the clues x

  2. Lucky lucky person receiving these goodies!

  3. You are such a wonderful swap partner! I love the poem and clues xxx

  4. yes like Miriam says you are a FABULOUS swap partner xx

  5. Hi leonie,
    Thank you so, so much for the wonderful parcel of special things that arrived on Friday.

    You have been very generous - love the little tongs (already used several times on the weekend!), the book, the Hershey's (saving them for this weekend when we are going with 2 other families away for a mini beach holiday), the little blue bottle (I collect blue bottles!!) & I especially love the knitted mushroom. Everything was just so lovely & thought out with the notes attached.
    I hope you were spoilt by your swap partner too!
    Miriam passed on your email address as I wanted a quicker way to thank you than snail mail!
    Thank you so much again & I wish you all the best, take care, Georgina x x

  6. Hi again, the top comment was a cut & paste as I tried to send it to your email but got an undeliverable back. I am not a blogger so new to that world! Yes, I am a very lucky recipient - thank you again for all your effort, time & love x


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