Monday, 21 July 2014

28 & 29/52

L:   Serious story telling, collecting, mucking about and a few outings these last couple of weeks - your expressive little face and complete and utter self(and mind!)-assuredness never fail to lead to some form of amusement.

A:   My precious big girl. How you love and care for your younger sisters and people around you is something to be treasured. Last week you lost your first tooth - oh my word the excitement! You knew the fairy would come to collect it and take it away to build little houses for wee mice... your innocence is beautiful. Your tooth waited in the little toothfairy pillow beside your head as you fell asleep and you were utterly shocked to find a coin for your tooth in the morning. Bless your little heart xx

H:   In your own wee world - singing away to yourself most of the time. We had a wee incident with the Emu at the zoo over the holidays - that big bird got really friendly and gave you a massive shock! However now you love it and couldn't wait for us to go say hi on the next visit. Your posture, serious face, hands behind your back - is so you.

L xx

Joining in with Jodi @ Practising Simplicity.


  1. how cute is that hug??? xxx

  2. That first shot is priceless!!! And how sweet that your oldest lost her first tooth!! Loving all of the happiness in these photos friend!!! Lovely week to you! Nicole xoxo

  3. Such beautiful colourful photos of your gorgeous girls
    I'm scared of Emus - actually any big bird . . . . no lamas too - big anything make that
    Yeah congrats on the first tooth loss - very exciting !! !! !! we are waiting on #2 to come out
    And how cute is that french plait on wee L

  4. Such lovely pics of sunshine and happy days together. That hug is indeed very precious and I love your sweet and serious littlest telling her story. And emus can definitely be a bit overwhelming even for big people...!


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