Monday, 28 July 2014


We had such a great winter celebration weekend - ice-skating, roasting marshmallows, hot chocolate, winter decorations, special outfits, delicious winter meal and pudding, winter games, and magical lantern walk in the dark... You girls had a ball, and I dont think I will forget the looks of utter enjoyment, delight and magic on your faces. How warm you made my heart with your tenacity and joy on the ice, such troopers. And the mesmerized faces with your lanterns, singing and walking in the dark... Absolutely magical!

H:   After ice-skating for the first time, then roasting marshmallows, came hot chocolate.... and you were going to have every last morsel...

L:   Fire and marshmallows - what an absolute treat for a little girl, seriously yummy!

A:   Putting up decorations for the party - you love parties, love decorations, love setting the scene - love love being involved.

L xx

Joining in with Jodi @ Practising Simplicity.


  1. Now that is my kind of time!!! Ice-skating, lanterns and marshmallows!!!! What a dream and I love all of those shots and that you hang winter decorations! Just too lovely for words friend! WOW! Happy times to you all.....awesome memories for these sweeties!!! Nicole xo

  2. Beautiful memories you're creating there !!! Just lovely xxx
    H saw me at school this morning and threw her arms around me it made my heart melt - such beautiful kind girls

  3. special times! they will remain safely in yours & their memories!

  4. We love our annual midwinter christmas celebration and yours looks equally full of lovely happy memories that the girls will love off for weeks to come....toasting marshmallows is one of my favourite things to do! (Ice skating not so much - so un-coordinated!)


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