Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A little bit of wonderful rainbowness

A few weeks ago I signed up for Miriam's Little Bit of Wonderful Colour Swap.  And last week I received my parcel from Treena-Marie - surprise!

Treena sent me a rainbow of goodies - lots of lovely wrapped goodies.  It was a delight not knowing who was sending to me and then unwrapping it all!  And a bunch of lovely quotes accompanied the notes, straws, cotton, nail polish, washi tape, container, pens, game, pencils, chocolate, jellybeans and loom bands.  All delightful!

Thanks Miriam for organising and hosting and Treena-Marie for a fun parcel!
Did you sign up?  Who was your lucky recipient?

Hope you're having a good week so far!
L xx


  1. Now that would be awesome to receive lovely goodies like that! Like Christmas!!! Such fun goodness here friend! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! Nicole xoxo

  2. What a colourful explosion! Lucky you, no doubt the gifts you have given are beautiful, creative person that you are. I am doing the Christmas in July swap, I have my three handmade gifts ready to post.

  3. what fab gifts! A lovely rainbow of colours. I always love seeing the huge variety of neat things everyone comes up with! I am patiently waiting for my parcel to arrive from someone :)

  4. Gorgeous! I am still waiting for my parcel and I haven't heard anything as to whether my recipient has received her parcel- I just hope she likes it.

  5. Cute - I love how there is such a rainbow of colour and those quotes look awesome! :o) x


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