Monday 2 June 2014

Stationery Swap Goodies

In April I signed up for Lisa's Stationery Swap... Gosh that seems a long time ago!!

My partner was Kerrie from One Paisley Apple.  She was happy to be "surprised" in terms of style and colours so I had a field day at Typo selecting items I hoped she would enjoy as I really liked them!

Here's what was sent:

A lovely journal, magnetic peg memo holder, wooden initial, pen, hello kitty bulldog clips, gift/note cards, animal post it tags.

All wrapped up in different fabric along with some lollies and chocolate.

And here is what I received from Kerrie:

Lovely goodies contained in a vintage tablecloth and a handmade brooch or hairclip.

A journal, coloured markers(!) notepads, cards, tags and bookmarks with a lollipop for each of the girls.

Thanks Lisa for hosting the swap and thanks Kerrie for our lovely goodies!  They've been put to good use already!

Have you joined any great swaps lately?
L xx


  1. How AWESOME !! I LOVE BOTH PACKAGES .SO MUCH FUN. love that pen "pardon my French hehehe.

    Thanks for joining lovely
    hugs xo

  2. more gorgeous stationery. I was very strong when I walked into Typo the other day and walked out with nothing... :)


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