Monday 2 June 2014


A:  My darling girl so full of life - busy collecting leaves around the backyard for a play party with your sisters. So focussed on your self-imposed job. This week you put on a show for us - singing and dancing to your heart's content - classic.

L:  You were so happy with yourself for conquering the playground pole - it was hilarious to watch you reach for it carefully and slide down with your legs dangling and not really helping to process. You were having a ball :)

H:  You had your first school visit on Friday... it may have been mufti day but you had been counting down the sleeps and then hours till you could finally go on your visit and you were not going to go in anything but your uniform. So big and grownup, and so ready for it you are. Mum is still getting there...

L xx

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  1. exciting for your daughter starting school, emotional times for you thou!

  2. Descending a pole is no small feat when you are this young - good work. And love how keen your little bean is for school even if you are still adjusting to the idea...we have one of those keen beans here too (not going till September though, and he's counting down the weeks!) xx

  3. So adorable! I really love that photo of your little one in the leaves! And oh I hear you about the school thing.....with 2 out of my 3 beans heading to school next year my heart is being tugged at quite a bit these days. Your girls are such dollies and look at her on the playground! You enjoy the moment with your girls...and that is awesome!!! Nicole xo


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