Sunday 8 June 2014


L:  Relishing moving and swinging, having a lovely time. You have "shot up" in the last few months and your langauge has come along leaps and bounds. You're talking and behaving like "a big girl" more and more and we can just see how very much you are enjoying this new phase and stage.

H:  Catching and collecting the falling leaves - we've had gorgeous weather this weekend and you've all enjoyed being outside in the fresh crisp air. You too are getting older - ready for new challenges, your behaviour evolving into the next phase. So ready for school that during your visit this week no-one even realised you were visiting!

A:  You are loving helping and doing jobs. Raking leaves, folding washing, doing the dishes... just delightful! My favourite memory of you this week is coming to collect you after school disco. Face flushed, sweating, and so high with excitement! You had a ball! I asked if you found and danced with your friends... nope, you said, you just got in amongst it and enjoyed yourself. It is so you! We could just imagine you dancing like crazy, in your own world, smiling that joyous smile, away with the fairies and happy as larry. You are just a ray of independent sunshine :)

L xx

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  1. Outside in the sunshine. Perfect.

  2. LOVE that the girls are playing outside !! !! !!
    A looks just like how I remember you looking when I first met you in that photo
    Looking forward to seeing H around school more often
    And sweet L please don't grow up too fast too soon
    Love your girls


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