Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sowing Seeds

Last month we dug out an Seedling planter gift set and some Forget-Me-Not seeds and set to the garden.

Don't you love how exited children get about planting seeds and watching them grow?

Everyone helped to prepare the areas and made sure they had a patch to sow.

Lots of care, and sweet gentle hands : )

Sprinkled with water and a little love almost every day :)
We're still waiting to see them grow!  A fun, relaxing activity that provides heaps of learning and teamwork.  And it get's us out into fresh air :)

Hope you had a great weekend!
L xx

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  1. oh so sweet! Can't wait to see some sprouts :o) x

  2. What a bunch of cuties! I hope they get heaps of lovely flowers :-)

  3. aww soo cute! Their enthusiasm is infectious.

  4. Cuteness- I love spending time in the garden with the kids too, they were very chuffed to get a free packet of flower seeds each at the A&P that we'll sow this weekend- loving the sunshine : )


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