Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Show & Tell: Zippitydoodah

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Show & Tell Thursday's
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Zipper pouches and I haven't met much, but we've become better acquainted lately - they're great little gifts aren't they?  I've tried out a number of tutorials and they are all more or less the same. Though I would stress: push the zipper toward the outer fabric when you're up to the last bit of sewing right around the linings and outers!!

Another great trick I came across was to fold the edges at a 90 degree angle - as in this tutorial (which is also the one followed for the pink one pictured). It does seem to help things lie just a little bit neater and tidier : )

What wee tips and tricks have you learned lately? Do share!

Looking forward to seeing your makings this week - no doubt there will be one or two Christmassy ones too!
Happy Thursday Lovelies!
L xx

PS: I am on the hunt for some pretty summery girl dress patterns (Ages 3 to 6). Any recommendations?

Show & Tell Thursday's

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  1. Treena showed me her fab method for doing lined pouches and I have made rather a lot of them since then. No patterns to add but New Look patterns are always $10.50 and also simplicity or butterick also have a it's sew easy section of patterns that are about $7 each if you want to avoid buying an expensive pattern. I use both types and find them usable and the results pleasing xx Both probably also have online catalogs so you can do the hard work at home and go in armed with the number/s you want

  2. What fine looking zipper pouches Leonie! I'll be sharing my latest pink one tomorrow(ish) together with my trials and tribulations - which as usual are many :-). As always, if I just slowed down it would have been fine from the start.

  3. These are just fantastic! I could use these for a million different things! All the best friend!

  4. So true you can never have enough zip up pouches, love the parchwork fabric too x

  5. oooh love a good purse/pouch.

  6. Zip Pouches are always a great go to gift once you master the details....xxxxxx

  7. Cute pouches! Love the little tip about the zip ends, makes them so neat xxx

  8. Love the zippers! I remember being SO scared to try a zipper for the first time. Now I've probably got about 300 sitting on my shelf of various sizes to make stock for my shop from. So I guess I got over that really quick LOL

    I have a dress pattern coming out soon. I've got as far as taking the photos and I'm supposed to be writing it this week. I'll let you know once it's done. It's a rotary cutter pattern and SO quick. It will be sizes 1-7.


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