Sunday, 10 November 2013

Quiet Colouring

Hellooooo Monday!
Are there many children who dont like colouring/drawing?  We are a little mad for it around these parts.
During the holidays we printed off lots of free colouring pages - a great quiet activity to fill in pockets of time or hours at a time!

The girls went even further and created cover pages for the front and back and stapled them all together to form little colouring books.  We love watching their imaginations come to life in their artwork.

And nail-painting ... universal fun for old and young : )  Create a parlour of pillows, grab supplies and mum plays manicurist with funny talking, creams and stories darling :p
Then sit back and relax... : )

Hope you have a chillaxing week!
L xx

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  1. AH so sweet! Such a cute shot of them coloring and hanging out with their colors on the pillows! Nothing but wonderful!

  2. that is so sweet - i love how they look together as a wee team of 3, such darlings. :o) thanks for linking in again. Happy Monday xx

  3. oops I think the computer ate my comment? Love your little team and nail painting sounds like such a cool activity xxx thanks for linking in

  4. Its mama's like yourself that give me the inspiration to do more of these activities with my little girl :) Such great and simple ideas x

  5. Cute :) We did some colouring our selves at our is such a simple yet productive thing for children to do. Looks like you had a nice weekend x

  6. So cute! I spy a play kitchen in much better condition than our one - it looks the same only there are doors hanging by one hinge and the oven window got smashed in and removed. I'm raising animals, I tell you.

  7. Thank you for the ideas! it's been a chaotic morning here (mainly due to mummy's feeling of failure on many counts!!) so the two ideas of printing off colouring pages and painting nails etc would make my girls' day :o) Thank you!! I also recognised the exact same table and chair set as we have, and the same flannelette winnie-the-pooh pillowcase ;o) Hope your week goes well and sickness is gone (or still going??)

  8. I've got three girls too and they've always loved doing things like that but it makes my mind boggle when I meet mums with boys who are amazed that girls will sit still and do 'quiet' activities like that! Fun little things that keep them busy. Little Bun has discovered a book of paper dolls and clothes this week and it kept her busy and quiet for aaaages! Lovely.

  9. Nail painting we love. Colouring, not so much but its not for my want of trying, so nice to have a creative and relaxing exercise up your sleeve for when you need to get some stuff done!

  10. When I can get all three to colour quietly together and not fight over pencils I'm in heaven!


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