Monday, 1 April 2013

Gauging interest...

Happy Tuesday!

The other day a friend lamented the state of her ironing board cover... and another, and mine... well... lets just say there are a few covers out there that could do with replacing!

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And so an idea started to form... is there anybody out there that would be interested in an "Ironing Board Cover Swap"??

Initial thoughts were: sending an outline/template of the top of your ironing board to your swap partner, who would them make you a new one based on the template.  I've had a look at quite a few tutorials and there are many and they all seem simple enough...

So, I thought I would see who'd be interested before sitting down and working out details etc.  Let me know if you are and I will organise something a bit more "official" if we get say at least 5 people.

Hope you're keen!
L x


  1. that has to be the most beautiful ironing board cover i ever saw! can't wait to see what you guys come up with (but don't count me in, can't quilt, don't iron, no time etc) !

  2. Hi. It is a great idea. But too big a project for me to do a swap on. Cheers Karen

  3. Well since one of those ironing board covers you mention is mine - you so know I'm in - especially if I can get a pretty scrappy cover like this

  4. WOW that ironing board cover is awesome. Would love to do a swap :D

  5. Pooosssssiiibbblllyyy...
    My ironing board is a mess, but as I am almost a month late sending out my last swap parcel I think I should assess my commitments properly before committing- eh Laura ;-)

    P.S. does the patchwork surface iron ok?

    1. Nah! go for it :) I don't mind.....its my turn now to to pester you about know you want to! ;)

    2. Come on Come on Come on - it doesn't _have to_ look like this one :)

  6. argh... tried twice to comment on my silly ipad!

    I will join in!
    My ironing board is hiding in my Mum's cupboard...shh.. NAKED!!! yes, its THAT bad!!!


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